Our Environment

Our Environment

This is where innovations are born from a commitment to simply doing what’s right for our customers, for our professionals, and for the planet. Cummins doesn’t just talk about environmental stewardship.

As an example of our commitment, we decided to showcase this whisper-quiet, environmentally-friendly generator. The engineers went beyond the minimum and designed it so well that it passes all US Forestry regulations. It uses computer-controlled, variable speed operation to match engine speed with load demand, thus minimizing noise level and emissions.

Real World Stewardship

In 2011, Cummins announced that we exceeded our commitment to reduce 25 percent greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as part of the EPA’s Climate Leaders Program. We actually achieved a 28 percent reduction in GHG emissions (110,324 tons of CO2). Now that’s walking the walk (and turning off the lights)!

Since 2007, our internal Climate Change Work Group has developed strategic and tactical ways to apply the 10 Principles that direct our company actions and our efforts with public policy. We also work with the U.S. Dept of Energy to develop advances in diesel engines and related technologies to improve fuel efficiency. We’ve pledged to improve our energy efficiency at least 30 percent by 2015.

Recycling, waste management, water conservation, reduced energy use, solar energy and green buildings are also critical to our commitment to reducing our impact on our environment. Yes, it’s different here. And yes, you’ll love it.

How the image was created

The image consists of existing product photography and stock photo that was purchased on the internet. When the Quiet Diesel RV5000 case study was read during a discovery session, everyone just sat and took it all in. It was undeniable that we had to highlight this generator’s reduction of noise and emissions – but we really wanted to show the engineers as well.

“The initial idea was was to show a tent in the background with engineers working late into the night – powered by the generator,” said Rich Whitney, Global Brand Manager. “However, as the designers were working on it, the image was so peaceful and serene with only the landscape and generator that we just decided to leave it as it was. It’s almost as if the generator is running quietly with minimal impact.”

The image is converted for each region in which we operate. The background isn’t always going to be relevant to people around the world, so, we are now in the process of using varying landscape scenes that are more familiar. Now that’s a global view!