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The leadership team of Cummins consists of individuals from around the company who are experts in many fields and who are focused on the continued success of our organization.


Tom Linebarger

Chairman and CEO

On January 1, 2012, Tom became the sixth Chief Executive Officer of Cummins.  He is assuming leadership at a critical juncture, with the company facing outstanding growth opportunities in the midst of changing markets and intense competition. Tom has described the next decade as one of accelerated growth.

His first experience at Cummins came in 1991 as a summer intern, when he insisted on working at one of the Company's manufacturing plants.

That decision to get first-hand operations experience was consistent with Tom's desire to work for a company that made "real" products. "My definition of 'real’ products,” he jokes, “is that it hurts if you drop them on your foot."

Tom had very specific thoughts about his career when he joined Cummins full time in 1994, after completing his graduate work in business and engineering at Stanford and working several years in the financial services industry.

"By all measures, I had a terrific job at Prudential," Tom says. "I was paid well for my age, travelled extensively and learned a lot about business and finance. But I was not finding the kind of satisfaction at work that I wanted. I wanted to build a company, lead a team and develop and execute a business plan — not finance other people who were doing these things."

Cummins met Tom's criteria for the right place to work. In addition to its focus on tangible products, Cummins was a global company with significant growth prospects outside the United States. Perhaps most important to Tom, Cummins had "heart."

"It was important to me that the company demonstrated that it cared about its employees and the community," Tom says. "I read two or three passages from (former Cummins Chairman) Irwin Miller before I decided to join the company, and that sealed the deal. His remarks were powerful enough to influence me to join Cummins and they are inspirational to me now as a leader."

Tom's career at Cummins is a testament to the breadth of opportunities that are possible for motivated, self-directed individuals who want to be challenged and who embrace lifelong learning.

After starting as assistant to a vice president in the Company's Engine Business in 1994, Tom quickly moved through the ranks holding engineering, operations, finance and general management roles before becoming President and Chief Operating Officer in 2008. Along the way, Tom has run the Company's turbocharger and power generations businesses and spent three years as Chief Financial Officer, helping guide Cummins through one of the most challenging times in its history.

"I am a person who does not like limits on what I can do or achieve," Tom notes. "At Cummins our jobs are broadly defined and if you have a passion for an area outside your responsibility, you can often find ways to participate in that work. I find that type of environment incredibly motivating."

Tom remains as excited as ever about his career at Cummins and the prospects for the Company's future. He also thinks Cummins has a lot to offer the right job candidates.

"Given our global footprint and range of businesses, Cummins is a terrific place to work for people from a wide variety of backgrounds and wide range of interests," says Tom, who adds that those employees most willing to take control of their careers rather than wait to be told what their next assignment is going to be, generally fare the best at Cummins.

"But it's not the right place for everyone. To be successful here, you need to be committed to lifelong learning, need to be able to communicate openly and effectively across all levels of the organization and you need to share the Company's values."

Those values—integrity innovation, delivering superior results, corporate responsibility, diversity and global involvement—“aren’t  just words on a 3 X 5 index card," Tom says. "We embrace these values in every respect of our business and interactions."

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Rich Freeland

President – Engine Business (March 2010 to present)

 Rich Freeland is the Engine Business President for Cummins Inc., overseeing development, manufacturing, marketing and sales for the Company’s largest business unit.

 Freeland joined Cummins in 1979 at the Cummins Parts Distribution Center in Columbus, Ind.  He has held several other roles within the Company including Plant Manager of the Diesel ReCon Plant in Memphis, Tenn.; Plant Manager of the Columbus Engine Plant in Columbus, Ind.; Vice President and General Manager of Engine Business Purchasing, Aftermarket and Fuel Systems Business and President of Distribution Business.

 Prior to taking the role of President of the Engine Business, Freeland was President of Components for Cummins. Under his leadership, the Components business improved profitability, strengthened its processes and developed new products, specifically those related to meeting the 2010 emissions regulations in the United States.

 A native of Indiana, Freeland attended Purdue University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management from the Krannert School of Management. In 1987, he earned an MBA from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.

 Freeland serves on the boards of directors for the National Association of Manufacturers, Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management, the Columbus Heritage Fund and the Bartholomew County United Way.

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Pamela Carter

President — Distribution Business

By the time Pamela Carter joined Cummins in 1997, she already had blazed a career trail that many would envy

She was first African American woman to hold the position of state Attorney General when she was elected to that post in Indiana in 1993, and left a thriving law practice for Cummins where she was immediately thrown into the middle of a contentious legal matter involving the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Justice.

Pamela quickly made her mark at Cummins by helping to guide the Company through a difficult period and was rewarded with a leadership position within one of Cummins' business units.

"I knew when I joined Cummins, I wanted to run a business. International trade and international business has always been my ultimate goal. I knew other leaders who had recently joined Cummins and who loved it, and that stuck with me."

Over the past decade, Pamela has led Cummins businesses to strong growth — first as a member of the Cummins Filtration leadership team and in her current role as President of the Company's global Distribution business, which sells and services Cummins products in more than 190 countries and territories. She is the first woman to lead one of Cummins’ four major business units and today oversees a multibillion dollar business of more than 13,000 employees.

The development of Cummins' Distribution business has been particularly gratifying for Pamela, who has helped lead a change in culture and approach to the Company's most global business. Today, Cummins owns a stake in 85 percent of its distributors around the world and is well on its way to creating a cohesive, integrated sales and service organization that often is the Company's first venture into emerging markets.

"We have now created a business that incorporates distributors and branches, and that is beginning to look much like a business with manufacturing, engineering, sales and marketing, logistics and inventory planning," Pamela notes.

In addition to providing challenging career opportunities, Cummins is a place that allows community-minded individuals such as Pamela to pursue their passion for improving the world around them. In fact, the Company's commitment to corporate responsibility was one of the attractions for Pamela when she joined Cummins and she remains active in the Company's community work.

For those considering a career at Cummins, Pamela says it is imperative that they share the Company's core values such as integrity, innovation, diversity, commitment to delivering superior results and global involvement.

She also calls Cummins a "relationship company" and stresses the need for strong interpersonal skills. For those who fit the bill, the rewards of working for Cummins can be significant.

"Cummins seeks the best people to fill roles globally," Pamela says. "Cummins offers great opportunities to meet, work and live among people of widely diverse backgrounds and cultures. One can have a great deal of fun, adventure and excitement working for Cummins."

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Tony Satterthwaite

Vice President and President – Cummins Power Generation (2008 to present)

 Tony Satterthwaite became President of Cummins Power Generation in 2008, overseeing the engineering, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of alternators, engines, generators, power systems and complete power solutions for commercial, industrial, recreational, emergency and residential use.

 Under his leadership, the business unit has engineered the power industry’s only full range of large stationary generator sets to meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s current Tier 4i standards as well as the stricter Tier 4 Final requirements effective in 2015.  The business has also won major new military contracts, expanded the product footprint and invested in new technologies including fuel cells and hybrid motor-generators.

 Separately, Satterthwaite also leads Cummins’ Sales and Marketing Functional Excellence efforts, sponsors the corporate Product Lifecycle Management program and is a diversity trainer for the Company.  

Prior to his current Power Generation role, Satterthwaite led the Company’s Southeast Asia region, as well as the Power Generation business in Asia-Pacific. He was named Managing Director of Power Generation’s operations in Ramsgate, England in 1999 and promoted to Vice President in 2001. During that time he lived abroad in Singapore and the U.K.

Outside of Cummins, Satterthwaite is a Director of Idex Corporation (NYSE: IEX) and is a member of the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business Strategic Board of Governors.  He is also engaged in the community, currently serving on the Capital Council of Aeon, a low-income housing provider in the Minneapolis/St. Paul region of Minnesota.

 Before joining Cummins in 1988, Tony was a General Field Engineer for Schlumberger. He holds a master’s in business administration from Stanford University and an undergraduate degree in civil engineering from Cornell University. In addition, he is a graduate of the first Cummins Executive Leadership Development program.

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Anant Talaulicar

President, Components Group - Cummins Inc. (Jan. 2010 to present)

Vice President & Managing Director – India ABO (March 2004 to present)

Chairman & Managing Director - Cummins India Ltd.

Managing Director – Tata Cummins Ltd.

Chairman – Cummins Technologies India Limited, Valvoline Cummins Limited and Cummins Research & Technology India

 Anant Talaulicar is the President of the Cummins Components Group and Vice President and Managing Director of the Cummins India Area Business Organization. Talaulicar became the Chairman and Managing Director of Cummins India Ltd. in 2004 and under his leadership, Cummins’ business in India has grown rapidly.  He serves as the Managing Director of Tata Cummins Ltd., a 50:50 joint venture between Cummins Inc. and Tata Motors Limited, India’s largest automobile manufacturer.  He also chairs the boards of three other Cummins legal entities in India, and serves as a board member of KPIT Cummins Limited.

Talaulicar started his career with Cummins in 1986 as an intern, and since then has held a number of positions both in the United States and in India.  He served as a financial analyst and held manufacturing engineering and product management positions in the Engine Business Unit before joining the corporate strategy organization. In 1996 Talaulicar transitioned to the Cummins Power Generation business and during his tenure has been the General Manager of the Transfer Switch Business followed by the Consumer Business and finally the Commercial Generator Businesses for the Americas.

 Since 2004, Talaulicar has also led the Cummins India Foundation which has implemented sustainable community initiatives such as rural electrification and improving access to water.  He serves as a member of the Confederation of Indian Industries, Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers and Automobile Components Manufacturers Association.

 Talaulicar earned a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Mysore University in India.  He received a master's degree in engineering from the University of Michigan in 1985 and an MBA from Tulane University in 1987.

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Pat Ward

Chief Financial Officer (May 2008 to present) 

Pat Ward is the Chief Financial Officer of Cummins Inc., responsible for the Company’s accounting, treasury, tax, internal audit, investor relations, strategy and business development and business analysis and planning functions.

Cummins has experienced substantial growth in global markets and record financial performance over the last few years, and reported revenue of $17.3 billion and net earnings of $1.65 billion in 2012. Since the beginning of 2011, the Company’s credit rating has been upgraded by all three credit rating agencies.

Ward joined Cummins in 1987 and has held a number of accounting and finance leadership positions in various parts of the business including Cummins Generator Technologies, Cummins Fuel Systems, Cummins Filtration, Cummins Power Generation, Cummins Engines and in Corporate functions.

Prior to starting his career at Cummins, Ward was a management accountant for the British Rail Property Board. He earned his accounting certification from the Dundee College of Commerce in Scotland and an MBA from Strathclyde Graduate Business School in Scotland.

Outside of Cummins, Ward is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and serves on the board of the Heritage Fund - The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County.

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Marya Rose

VP — Chief Administrative Officer (July 2011 to present)

Marya joined Cummins 13 years ago after a distinguished career in Indiana state government, and has served as the Company's top legal executive and Corporate Secretary since 2001.

When Marya made the decision to join the private sector, she was looking for a company that offered a collaborative work environment where employees were encouraged to ask questions and stretch themselves professionally. She found that at Cummins, first in her role as a Corporate Counsel, and now in her current position.

Marya credits her success to Cummins to "great bosses who pushed me hard to take on leadership roles that I may not have been quite ready for" and who gave her "open and direct feedback that has made me a better leader."

As a senior leader, Marya works to provide the same type of direction to members of her organization, who strive to work as a single team around the world, in keeping with the Company's "One Cummins" philosophy.

"My job is to remove barriers and help guide our highly skilled attorneys so they can effectively serve the Company's interests everywhere we operate," Marya says. "It's an incredibly diverse and rewarding place to work. I never thought when I joined a manufacturing company in Southern Indiana that I would see so much of the world and work with so many different types of people on such a variety of issues."

In the community, Rose serves on the board of directors for Planned Parenthood of Indiana, the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the Indiana Repertory Theatre. She was also a member of the United Way of Central Indiana’s Ardath Burkhart Leadership Development Class of 1997.

Rose attended Williams College where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Economy and went on to earn a J.D. from the Indiana University School of Law.

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 John Wall

Vice President – Chief Technical Officer (March 2000 to present)

 John Wall has served as the Vice President – Chief Technical Officer for Cummins Inc., since 2000. Under his oversight, more than 8,000 engineers work to strengthen Cummins’ position as the global technical leader in engine design and emissions reduction to meet or exceed increasingly stringent emissions regulations.

 Wall joined Cummins in 1986 as Chief Engineer – Heavy-Duty Projects and has held various roles throughout the years including Director – Emissions Research to Vice President – Research & Development, and later, Vice President -Advanced Engineering and Technology Planning.

 Prior to joining Cummins, Wall held research and engineering positions at the Chevron Research Company, most recently serving as the Unit Leader of Diesel & Aviation Fuels Research.

 Wall currently serves on the board of directors of Cummins Western Canada, Cummins Research and Technology India, the United Way of Bartholomew County, Indiana University Purdue University Columbus (IUPUC) and the Indianapolis Opera. He is also a member of the Cummins Foundation Columbus Committee, Columbus Area Arts Council Uncommon Cause Committee, MIT Educational Council, MIT Energy Initiative and several Purdue University Advisory Councils.

 Wall graduated from the Honours Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with an SM, SB in Mechanical Engineering. He also earned his ScD in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. In addition, Wall holds the following honours: National Academy of Engineering SAE Fellow, SAE Sid Olsen Engineering Manager Award, SAE Horning Award – Engines and Fuels Research, SAE Arch T. Colwell Merit Award and Cummins Fellow, MIT.

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Lisa Yoder

Vice President – Global Supply Chain and Manufacturing (Aug. 2010 to present)

 Lisa Yoder is Vice President – Global Supply Chain and Manufacturing where she leads supply chain operations, as well as purchasing, corporate quality, corporate manufacturing, logistics, warehouse, transportation, trade compliance, environmental management and health and safety for Cummins locations around the world.

 In addition to her role leading the Supply Chain organization, Yoder also sponsors Cummins’ Environmental Challenge, a program that leverages the skills and interests of employees to generate environmental benefits for communities around the world. Since the program launched in 2009, it has continued to gain momentum, engaging record numbers of employees and delivering measurable environmental benefits.

 She is also active in driving and supporting several company-wide information technology programs including enterprise resource planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Core Data Management (CDM).

 Yoder began her career with Cummins in 1987 and during her tenure has held a number of key roles in engineering, management and IT and was most recently the Executive Director of Supply Chain and Operations for Cummins Power Generation.

 Outside of Cummins, she volunteers for local youth athletic programs in her community, both as a coach and a board member.

She earned a bachelor's degree in metallurgical engineering from the University of Michigan in 1987 and completed the Executive Development Program at Stanford University in 2006.

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Jill Cook

Vice President – Human Resources (Feb. 2003 to present)

 Jill Cook is the Vice President – Human Resources for Cummins Inc., overseeing the leadership development, recruiting, compensation, benefits and human resources strategy for more than 50,000 Cummins employees and contractors throughout the world. Cook joined Cummins in 1988 as a Labour Relations Representative. She has since held leadership roles within the human resources function, including Human Resources Director for several Cummins  sites and business functions.

 Prior to joining Cummins, Cook was employed by General Motors as a Labor Relations Representative and Production Manager.

Cook serves on a number of national boards and committees, including the National Association of Manufacturers Human Resource Policy Committee, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Employee Benefits Committee, the Purdue University Organizational Leadership and Supervision Advisory Council and the Dean’s Council for Purdue University College of Technology.

She graduated from Purdue University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership. Cook was recognized by the institution as the 2007 Distinguished Alumni in Organizational Leadership and was named a 2010 Old Master for making a positive impact on society and achieving personal and professional success.

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Ignacio L. Garcia

President — Corporate Manufacturing & Procurement Officer

Cummins believes that in order to compete successfully in the global marketplace, it must be able to attract and retain the best talent from around the world. Ignacio's career at Cummins is a testament to the power of that philosophy.

Ignacio, a native of Mexico, joined Cummins nearly 30 years ago as a quality engineer in our San Luis Potosi, Mexico, facility where he quickly made a name for himself. Over the next decade, Ignacio also served as a liaison between the Company's operations in Mexico and the corporate offices in Indiana, and led our marketing and sales work in Mexico before becoming Plant Manager in San Luis Potosi.

From there, Ignacio moved to one of Cummins' flagship engine manufacturing plants in the United States. As a manufacturing leader for Cummins in the important North American heavy-duty truck engine market, Ignacio helped oversee a transition of production from one Cummins location to another, which was instrumental in the successful restructuring of the business early last decade.

In order to expand his knowledge in the business, he decided to lead the Purchasing organization for the Engine Business. That work served as a springboard for Ignacio to develop and structure the Corporate Purchasing Function, which now he leads.

Later in 2008, Ignacio was named the global manufacturing and purchasing leader for Cummins. Like many leaders at Cummins, Ignacio appreciates the breadth of the opportunities Cummins creates for motivated employees.

"You need to have superior performance and dedication to succeed, but there is flexibility at Cummins that allows people to experiment with different areas of interest and expertise," Ignacio says. "Learning is always available to you if you want to take advantage of it."

Ignacio added that Cummins offers an "environment of inclusion" that is appealing to him, and said the Company offers good opportunities for those employees whose "personal values are aligned the with the Company's corporate mission and values."

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Steven M. Chapman

Group Vice President - China and Russia (Aug. 2009 to present)

 Steve Chapman is Group Vice President – China and Russia, leading operations and growth strategy for Cummins Inc. in the key markets of China and Russia. Under Chapman’s leadership, Cummins’ China business has grown from an eight-employee office with sales of $8 million to an 8,000-employee organization with $3.7 billion in sales across multiple operations. During his time leading Cummins’ operations in China and Russia, he has negotiated a number of joint ventures, including Dongfeng Motors and Beiqi Foton in China, and Kamaz in Russia.

Chapman joined Cummins in 1985 as Manager – International Business Development and has held a number of positions related to Cummins’ international operations, including leadership of Southeast Asia and China during the 1990s when he was instrumental in developing Cummins’ successful business model for emerging markets.  From 2002-2005, he established the International Distribution Business Unit, the predecessor of the current Distribution Business Unit, and served as the business unit president.

Previously, Chapman was employed by Green Giant, now part of General Mills, where he served in operations and management positions in the company’s Taiwan and mainland China locations.

In 2008, Chapman was recognized by China Auto Business Review, the leading industry monthly publication in China, as one of the "Ten Most Important Foreigners" in China's automotive history during the past 30 years.

Chapman, a native of Minnesota, earned his bachelor’s degree in Asian studies from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minn., and a master’s of Public and Private Management from the Yale University School of Management. He serves on the board of directors of Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. and the board of trustees for Carthage College in Kenosha, Wis.

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Mark Levett

Vice President – Community Relations and Corporate Responsibility, Cummins Inc.  (Feb. 2013 – present)

Chief Officer – Cummins Foundation (Feb. 2013 – present)

 Mark Levett serves as the Vice President of Community Relations and Corporate Responsibility at Cummins Inc. and the Chief Officer of the Cummins Foundation. He oversees the Corporate Responsibility function and manages resources to serve and improve the local, national and international communities in which Cummins operates.

 Levett began his career at Cummins in 1973, working in various roles in the Company’s finance, engineering, service, OEM sales and product management functions. He went on to hold several key leadership positions including General Manager - South Pacific, Vice President – Industrial Business, Vice President – North American Field & Distribution, Vice President – Worldwide Industrial Business, Vice President – Asia-Pacific, Vice President – International and most recently, Vice President and General Manager – High Horsepower Engine Business. As leader of the High Horsepower business, Mark oversaw global revenue growth of nearly 600 percent, leading the division to become one of the most profitable parts of the Company.

 Outside of Cummins, Levett is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Hanover College and a member of the Executive Committee of the Community Education Coalition in Columbus, Ind. He also serves on the boards of directors for Cummins India Limited, Cummins Chongqing Engine Company, Cummins MidSouth and Cummins Rocky Mountain.

 Levett holds a Bachelor of Arts from Hanover College and an MBA from Michigan State University.

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