Building Success

Building Success

You’ll find us just about everywhere. At Cummins, a diverse employee population is one of our keys to success. In fact, our Business Case for Diversity (published in 2008) states how inclusivity of diverse races, lifestyles and backgrounds create an environment where innovation flourishes.

Discover how we take unique approaches, treat people with respect, and listen to new ideas – even those that seem out of this world. Dr. Franklin Chang-Diaz was appointed to the Board in 2009, and is the first board member born outside of the U.S. He is a leader in rocket technology, started and runs a rocket propulsion company, and flew seven NASA Space Shuttle missions.

It is Chang-Diaz’s commitment to his native Costa Rica where his commitment to diversity and engagement is most evident. He sees Cummins as one of the few large companies interested in engaging their employees to improve the world around them.

It is in this spirit of employee engagement that Cummins relies on the diverse experiences and perspectives of its employees to drive the company’s daily work and success. Now, we just need your unique perspective to push our next project to new heights.

How the image was created

This image comes after reviewing a hundred different ways to possibly show engaged employees who are working on new technologies and innovating daily, but each image just didn’t really capture your attention. So, after researching our leadership, our agency learned we had an astronaut on our Board of Directors. They asked if Cummins planned to use rocket fuel as a new source of energy.

We explained that hiring smart people and giving them challenging, meaningful assignments was one of the ways we build success at Cummins – and our newest BOD member was a person who embodies that mission. Being from Costa Rica and being a rocket scientist, we also feel that he embodies many aspects of our Business Case for Diversity as well.

So, a stock photo of an astronaut was purchased on the internet (we hope it really is Franklin!), existing engine photography was selected and our agency used Adobe Photoshop to distort the engine so it appears to be reflecting in the visor.

“I think the astronaut image is my favorite. I didn’t do much beyond empowering smart people to do some good work,” said Rich Whitney, Global Brand Manager. “Our account manager felt like they should sell the idea to us, but the first time we saw it, we just smiled and knew it would fly.”

Sorry, but we have to say it again… Now that’s a global view!