Building Stronger Communities

A company is only as strong as the communities where it does business. Cummins employees reported working over 409,000 hours on community improvement projects around the world in 2016. Three years in a row, more than 70% of the company has participated in our Every Employee Every Community Program.


Powered by Diversity

Diversity & Inclusion are at the core of Who We Are. To solve our customers’ most difficult problems, Cummins relies on employees of different ages, genders, educational backgrounds, and from different parts of the world to work together to develop creative solutions. Cummins ranked in the Top 25 out 1000+ competing companies in their annual Top Companies for Diversity list.


Goal Driven to Improve Our Planet

We take a comprehensive view of our environmental footprint, setting and meeting goals to provide meaningful reductions in greenhouse gases, energy, water, and waste. Check out our 2020 goals for water, energy, waste, products in use, and logistics here


Setting a Stronger Standard

Cummins supports tough, clear, and enforceable environmental regulations. We were among the first to meet the EPA’s near-zero emission standards in 2010, and are partnering with China, India, and other countries as they adopt comparable regulations.


Powering Lives, Across the Globe

While we’re best known for our diesel engines, the Power of Cummins reaches far beyond that. We power passenger trains, computer servers, hospitals, schools, tug boats, school and municipal buses, generators, and everything in between. We even provide backup power for landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty and Wrigley Field, as well as international icons such as the iconic London Routemaster.


Transforming the Truck Industry

In 2009, Cummins partnered with Peterbilt for SuperTruck I, demonstrating more than a 50% improvement in brake thermal efficiency. Their demonstration tractor-trailer also averaged a 76% increase in drive cycle freight-ton economy and a 43% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, compared to the baseline truck.


Doing More, Wasting Less

Cummins is determined to reach Zero Disposal status at 30 different sites by the year 2020. This means handling 100% of waste in a truly useful manner: waste doesn’t go to a landfill and can only be incinerated at a waste-to-energy facility after reasonable efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle. And then it must produce more energy than needed to merely sustain combustion. As of 2016, four sites in Europe already achieved this status.


Powering a Commitment to STEM

Cummins sponsors projects such as Curiosity Machine and Technovation that invite kids and young adults around the world the opportunity to learn skills they need to emerge as entrepreneurs and leaders in STEM-related industries.  Encouraging children to pursue science, technology, engineering, and math related careers through efforts such as LEGO engines or science displays reinforces the world’s need for creative thinkers.